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In the anime film The Yellow House, when Ethan Andrews, Sarah Wade, Whitney Hawk, Miles Timson, Celeste Ryan and Lou Riley arrive in Boone, North Carolina for their tenth high school reunion, the Class of 1979's drama club members and best friends are thwarted into a painful journey back in time that awakens the memories better left quiet. Their discoveries will rock a small town, separate relationships forever and cause painful realizations that will finally free Ethan and rekindle Sarah's high school crush.

In Act I the conflict begins. Saddled with guilt over the death of his four year old, mildly handicapped brother Jonah, Ethan Andrews has always tried to earn the love of his parents, extending to Yale Law School. At his ten year reunion, he meets up with his closest high school buddies and begins the relive the childhood he spent in his big house on the corner, the yellow house. His was the only one in the neighborhood with a swimming pool and therefore, was the "hang out". This suited his parents fine, since they craved a large family, but couldn't bear to go through the lost of another child, so they stopped with Ethan. Rebecca, Ethan's mother, had thrown herself into her consulting career, often being gone for months at a time leaving her husband, Ethan's father Charles to care for the one son they had left. The hotel in town, small as it was, had provided for the family's needs second to Rebecca's six figure income. Owning the family hotel was Charlie's pride and joy; he would die in that place if he could. There had always been a tension between his parents that Ethan could not understand. Believing the travel required of his mother's job was the cause, Ethan's father simply told him that "somebody's got to put the bacon on the table".

At their reunion, the family hotel's Club Room serving as the location for the event, had a visitor. During the weekend long event, Ethan was "visited" with unwelcome cryptic and often confusing messages left under his door while he slept. Each morning Ethan awakes to a new piece of a mind boggling, emotionally impossible puzzle that won't be left undone. Traveling back into the recesses of his mind, Ethan is forced to relive the day of his brother's death and comes to a startling revelation; one he dared not even think, let alone confront.

During Act II and through the beginning of Act III, Ethan and his friends dig through the attic searching for any remnant of proof that one shred of what the visitor is pressing on Ethan is true. He must deal with Sarah's admission of love for him since they were kids, passing the bar exam and now the possibility that he wasn't responsible at all for Jonah's death, that it was actually planned, that he was used by people he trusted more than himself; his parents. Knowing what an embarrassment Jonah was to the family, Rebecca and Charles decided to play God and put Jonah "out of his misery". The afternoon walks with Ethan to the ocean would one day sweep Jonah into a blissful, calming sea and relieve the burden Jonah put on the Andrews' emotions and reputations in Boone.

In the middle of Act III and continuing to the end of the movie, Ethan, Sarah and their friends seek answers; who is this "visitor" and how does he/she know these things? Why would two people who love him hurt him his entire life and hide from him the murder of his own brother? Charles learns of Ethan's discovery and hangs himself in the family hotel dining hall leaving a note to his wife and son apologizing for the hurt he caused. Rebecca leaves Boone in deep despair to learn that her husband was the one who kept telling Jonah everyday that "the best shells are under the water". Free of guilt but needing the comfort of his old next door neighbor, Sarah and Ethan fall in love and at the end of the movie, the wedded couple names their first born son Jonah.

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